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Our B2C & B2B lead generation process & omnichannel marketing campaigns help businesses increase their leads & sales

Do you have an online business and struggling to get quality leads? If your answer is "Yes" then our omnichannel lead generation services can help you stand out in your industry and niche. Our online lead generation means creating brand awareness and generating interest in your product or service at a low cost. We target the audience from the global and domestic markets through omnichannel marketing campaigns to gain market share. And it helps to build trust and credibility in your business most effectively.

We ensure high-quality leads enter the sales funnel with our cost-effective lead generation packages. And it generates more profit when they are converted into SALE. Being the top leads generation company (or agency) in Kolkata, India, we have only one thought behind the strategies (or services) to get the best quality leads for your business to drive you forward. This is to supply the sales pipeline to ensure your business never fails in sales conversion and maximize your chances of success in the future.

Benefits of ROI-based lead generation & appointment setting.

Not any company can create multi-touch leads for your business! Successful lead generation & appointment setting take time and effort to develop accurate strategies for cross-channel marketing. We, as the best leads generation agency (or company) in Kolkata, India, carefully research and analyze your target market, and then we present the strategic marketing & planning that influences the decision of buyers (or visitors).

We focus on segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Because qualified & targeted leads are a fundamental part of any selling process for measurable ROI. The external marketing agency will require the qualifications, metrics, and some criteria. We will base the terms on collaborating with your internal sales team to handle effective marketing activities, and then we build such programs to capture an agreed level of B2C or B2B leads.

"Online lead generation campaign is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing."

Cost per lead (CPL) is a vital metric for any online lead generation campaign & regularly needs optimization. Hiring an expert marketer or agency that specializes in B2C & B2B lead generation services can reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA) through several techniques & tactics. We understand the importance of conversion rates (or ratio) to manage & deliver sales-qualified leads through multi-channel marketing.

We always keep pace with the latest trends and technology. And this helps to increase the count of targeted leads and lower CPL or CPA creating overall good revenue for any client or business. Qualified leads take less time to convert in the sales process, and they are also more likely to buy from you again in the future. This way, we fine-tune the process and effectiveness of lead generation channels to scale the businesses to new heights.

Multi-Channel Marketing for Lead Generation.

Our lead generation experts apply the best data-driven techniques to identify, nurture, manage, and convert leads to sales through multi-channel marketing. Our lead specialists apply their skills and experience to nurture meaningful relationships with qualified leads and produce legitimate results for your business. Outsourcing business lead generation to a company (or vendor) like us means more leads, more sales, or conversions. Being the top leads provider in India, we offer affordable & customized solution that fits your requirements and budget. We use several methods for lead generation and mentioned a few of them below.

SEO has an important and leading part in the B2C or B2B lead generation process. It generates organic traffic through the unpaid sections of search engines & it's one of the best ways to get new potential customers.

We create tailored email marketing campaigns to target the audience & generate leads (or traffic). Email continues to be a reliable, and effective channel for businesses to reach & engage with their targeted audience.

Over, 55% of internet users are using social media every day. And they are providing their massive data to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and others. We can use it for marketing and retargeting.

Efficient content marketing needs a lot of effort and strategy. We focus on creating & sharing valuable & relevant content like blogs- blog posts, infographics, & videos to attract the audience for profitable call-to-actions.

We tweak some content already available for desktops for mobile-only audiences for a pleasant user experience. We also use Bulk SMS & WhatsApp messages for mobile marketing campaigns to get the best leads.

Pay per click (PPC) campaign is an effective channel for websites and companies involved in online lead generation. It helps to get relevant traffic & target locations to get prospects (or leads) on the internet.


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You focus on your business, and we focus on your digital marketing campaign to drive you forward in your industry. Using the best outbound and inbound marketing strategies, your sales cycle continues to run and we ensure that you never run out of leads for your business. While helping to reach potential clients (or new customers), converting them, and managing the sales process effectively. We also ensure to keep you ahead of your competitors, assist in scaling up the business, and increase revenue with our handholding support & services.

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We have been helping startups, small businesses, medium businesses & large companies for more than a decade with digital marketing services across the world. We helped many clients in their lead generation campaigns like contractors, service providers, restaurants, hotels, real estate agents & companies, law firms, doctors &, etc. And we generate more conversions with our rich expertise & powerful sales methodology. We always deliver the best services for sales and marketing within a defined time frame & your marketing budget.



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